Sunday, February 21, 2010


Welcome to village Bhatpal, dist Narayanpur, Bastar. A village where the school which was functioning perfectly ,is now taken over by the forces engaged in anti naxal operations. The school ashram building now houses the forces and the children are shifted into tents, thus rendering them susceptible to all possible lurking dangers of the war ridden land. Are'nt the men in uniform trained to fight all dangers and fight them ? rather than hiding in a school building ? It is rather sad that the people deputed to protect the public has rendered them helpless.. with the fast approaching examinations how will the children cope?? Is education a basic right ,only on papers of the diplomats? Is the safety of children ,the youth of tomorrow, a concern only in cities and only for the rich? Is the blood of the tribal children less red??????????????

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chandrakant said...

very informative infact eye opening.keep the good work on.