Sunday, April 29, 2007

One head for every tree

This was the slogan popularised by Nagul Dorla, the hero behind the Koi rebellion.He protested against the felling of sal trees in south Bastar.The contract was given to Contractors from Andhra Pradesh.when the English smelt danger they even offered to guard the labourers felling the trees! But Dorla with his men continued protests and resorted to beheading one person for every tree they felled.The Nizam of Hyderabad was flustered and prompted the British to withdraw the contract.Thus one man and his army saved the sal forests of South Bastar..How many people do we behead now for the amount of damage they are doing to the forests??What if these massive projects come up in bastar with their evil intentions??How many heads will roll??Nagul Dorla we need you now!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bastar has produced many heroes ,most of them we dont know much about...Dhurva Rao of Lingagiri,Yadu Rao of Bhopalpatnam,Babu Rao of Monempally and Venkat Rao of Ghotepal to name a few.All hanged by the British for having raised their voice.
Today's situation too demands a struggle for freedom.Freedom from exploitation and oppression.Anybody with a clear mind and reasoning can see who is the real terrorist in bastar..the opportunists out to quench their thirst by exploiting the naive locals.Do we need a Yadu Rao,Gundadhur,Gaind Singh or a Bhanjdeo to get us going??
But going back in history anybody who differed to agree with the so called ruling party was hanged by the Britsh,shot by the erring government or in the present situation termed a naxalite!!Little wonder then,that the locals have adopted a policy of Ignorance is bliss!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Salute to Shaheed Gaind Singh

Gaind Singh was the Zamindar of Paralkot,that lies to the south west of Kanker.It formed an important part of the Kakatiya kingdom.The English and the Marathas impinged on the Adivasis way of life and they felt threatened.The policies of the English made them insecure in their own land.Under the leadership of Gaind Ssingh they united in paralkot demanding for a free Bastar.The protest picked up rapidly...
The Marathas teamed up with the English to stop this uprising.On 12 Jan 1825 Gaind Singh was arrested and was hanged on 20 Jan 1825 in his own palace........
Another unsung hero in our history...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another forgotten freedom fighter of Bastar

Queen Swarna Kunwar was the wife of Bhairam Deo ,the 18th Kakatiya ruler of Bastar.The king showed little interest in administration which prompted her to take over the reins.A very ambitious lady, she was efficient too.After the Muriya uprising she became increasingly popular among the people.This made the English insecure.The death of Bhairam Deo saw his minor son Rudrapratap on the throne and the English took over as he was a minor.The Queen was sidelined.She felt that administration belonged to the Royals.Along with her trusted Diwan, Lal Kalendra Singh she chalked out a plan t oust the English.She was angered by the policies of the English and she called for a Muriya Raj in Bastar.She withdrew support from Rudrapratap too.In 1909 Oct. on dussera she addressed thousands of people in Tadoki and called for an uprising.The Bhumkal Movement thus had a birth .It was led by Gunda Dhur.7 Feb 1910 she united people and Geedam was captured..She continued relentlessly till Bhumkal Movement was crushed by the British.On 5 march 1910 she was imprisoned and sent to Raipur where she died.
A salutation to this brave woman who has not yet found her right place in history....

Saturday, April 7, 2007

A fairy tale????

Once upon a time,in a mesmerising land surrounded by forests and mountains lived a king named Shri Pravir Chandra Bhanjdeo,the Kakatiya ruler of Bastar.A king who was adored by his subjects.He lent a ear to their every woe and they in turn pledged their lives for him and called him God.The fairy tale ends here...because they all didnt live happily ever after.In fact they didnt live at all.
On a fateful day ..March 25 ,1966 he was killed in police firing in his own palace at Jagdalpur along with many of his people.Some people claim it was because he had planned a rebellion.Some say he incited his people to rebel and led the attack against the police.But, popular belief is that the Congress had him killed as part of their pre-mediated plans to oust him.He was their political rival,and an electoral threat.He was popular among the people and could bring about a mass uprising if he wanted to.Although he was a King he was democratic in his thoughts and approach.Would the Congress stand a chance against such a powerful person????
His death remains a mystery...Officially the death toll was twelve including the king.wounded were twenty.But the police had fired sixty one rounds.A common story says that truckloads of bodies were dumped into the Indravati at night.Why was he killed???was it the congress?was it the famine and the black marketing of rice?was it because he opposed iron leaving his state from Bailadila?? or was it because he spoke for the people???This mystery needs to be unravelled if we need to understand the past of Bastar which will pave way for its future............

Sunday, April 1, 2007

do the tribals need food or malls??

A land of mystery, romance music and dance.That was Bastar decades it is the land of terror.Terror not created by the naxals but the other opportunists out to exploit the naive tribals.Terror by the government who lack the foresight regarding isssues concerning starvation deaths,medical facilities,electricity but all set to open a bastar "mega mall" or a "haat".Are they thinking of satisfying the poor man's hunger or the rich man's greed.???
Tata and NMDC also showing their support for this thisa new strategy to entice the tribals into being mute spectators to their devastating plans???