Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Present 'Maharaja'

The present 'Maharaja' of Bastar, Shri.Kamal Chandra Bhanjdeo giving a public audience...He is presently pursuing higher studies overseas.Will he put his newfound knowledge to use, for the betterment of his people?It is something we should wait and watch out for! He has a legacy to uphold, being the descendant of an imposing personality like Pravir Chandra Bhanjdeo....


Police at your doorstep- shocked??? dont be. All because you accessed a website of the CPI(M) or the LeT, or because you rubbed the police the wrong way in your eagerness to investigate encounter killings.These are considered evidences of you being ' anti national'.Binayak Sen of Raipur, Arun Ferreira of Mumbai and Geelani of Delhi met the same fate.
To support the cops are laws like POTA, Armed Forces Special Powers Act or Special Public Security Act, Unlawful activities Prevention Act etc. These are Acts under which held the accused needs to prove himself innocent rather than the prosecution proving him guilty.,Article 19 thus being reduced to a joke.After half a century plus of democracy we still need a clear definition of our political rights!
CSPSA2006: defines an unlawful activity as an act that has a tendency to pose an obstacle to the maintainance of administration of law and order or 'encourages' disobedience of established law or institutions set by the law.
Such a law renders the media and even the citizen who wants to show his objection about mass politics, helpless!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


After Singur and Bastar ,TATA now has to face the wrath in Kerala...Tata Tea now faces allegations of usurping about 50,000 acres of an ecologically fragile area in Munnar,Kerala.They are now pitched against the CM, Achutanandan himself.Sources say that notices to give up 1200 acres of land have already been issued and the land recovery will begin by next week..

It is Tata tea chief, RM Krishna Kumar versus Achutanandan the CM now....

source:The Times Of India


There's a thin line that seperates a crime fighting hero fom a villian with a licence to kill and it takes no time for the hero to turn into a gun toting cop who considers the slain bodies as achievements and term them as encounters.
They kill,with a vengence..But what sets them apart from other criminals is their uniform and their licenced weapons..They are not punished but rewarded with promotions and perks!"MEN MAKE COUNTERFEIT MONEY.IN MANY MORE CASES MONEY MAKES COUNTERFEIT MEN"!
The infamous Sohrabuddin Sheikh case highlights the Encounter phenomenon and has drawn enough public flak.
Why do the encounters almost always occur only late in the night or the early hours?The scene invariably deserted and a policeman rarely injured?When evidence is hard to produce ,encounters save the day for these uniformed criminals.are they turning inhuman??Sohrabuddin,Nandigram, Surguja, innumerable instances in Bastar, Andhra Pradesh,all in the name of combating terrorism. Lathi charges, violent blows, physical torture, modesty outraged and custody deaths..where is the end??
Are they pledged to eliminate crime or the criminal himself??Police atrocities are rising by the day..NHRC only investigates only the very few cases that are reported.Where does the poor man turn to, for justice??
Its time the police wake up and polish their humane sides along with the guns they weild...Empathy is the need of the day.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Prior to the mutiny in 1857,Chapatis...the staple diet of majority of north indians and generally all Indians now- were circulated in alarming numbers all over the country.A man would run up to a village and hand over a chapati, the size of a man's palm to the headman , telling him to make 5 more and circulate it with instructions to do the same.Thus the chain continued.People initially believed that it contained messages.But, the more probable explaination was that it was an indigeneous code to show one's support for the movement.It was something the common man could easily identify with and propagate.
Just like the Bhumkal in Bastar in 1910 , where branchess of the mango tree and lumps of earth were circulated.
The spirit of freedom picked up in the 1850's which led Lord Canning to remark in 1855,"We must not forget that in the sky of of India,serene as it is, a small cloud may arise at first no bigger than a man's hand, but which growing bigger and bigger, may at last threaten to overwhelm us with ruin."
Source:The Times Of India.
Salute to the mutineers who had the courage to tread where no man had! And may a similar cloud hover over the skies of Bastar soon..

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Bastar today is longer the paradise it used to be..Its on fire. The fire of greed,the hunger for power,the craving for land.The list is endless!!The poor adivasi has nowhere to go.""WATER,WATER EVERYWHERE,NOT A DROP TO DRINK!" Theres land everywhere but none he can call his own.Is this greed because the enchanting land of bastar is bleesed with rich mineral resource?? Its proximity to the Indravati where the exploiters plan a power unit? The industrial giants planning their massive projects..The land of Bastar has seen it all..A feeling of nostalgia envelopes as one hears about the protests..This is exactly why our ruler was termed insane and shot mercilessly in 1966.The tribe that once ruled the world is forced to live in drudged "relief camps".Relief for whom??the politicians ?? so they can get the villages vacated and have the last laugh??? Splitting up families in the name of camps so that the morale of the poor is destroyed??False encounters,Child SPO's,How far will these wretched power hungry people go?
Its time to rise and wake up.Not just think but act...DROPS OF WATER MAKE A MIGHTY OCEAN.

Friday, May 11, 2007


The status of women in our society has been extensively debated upon,but no attempt has been made to highlight the role of women who dared to raise a voice in the society of yesteryears.
King Bhairamdeva of Bastar was married to two sisters Jugraj Kunwar Devi and Suwarna Kunwar Devi-sisters of the Silpara zamindar of Rewa state.It is believed that the king later got involved with a muslim lady of Persian creed named Nawa Bai.This angered the queen Jugraj Kunwar Devi who revolted openly against the king.This incident is known as' Rani cho ris 'or annoyance of the queen.
Under the imperial rule women were opressed.The king was allowed many legal and illegal marriages and the woman was expected to be subjugated to him.According to law they could be jailed for leaving the husband and divorce was next to impossible.Male supremacy was the order of the day.
Jugraj Kunwar Devi revolted with her women soldiers and launched a womens liberation movement.When arrest was imminent she fled to Raipur and continued her struggle from there.She later became the Prime minister of Bastar.Her revolt brought desired results.Her husband was forced to divorce the Persian lady!!!!
May her tribe increase!!!!