Saturday, April 26, 2008


Just check out the following link
It says that marriages between blood relatives and even brothers and sisters are common.
The person who has compiled this has evidently no knowledge whatsoever of the Gond culture.The Koyatoor are divided into 750 gotras or families and marriages within the Gotras are strictly forbidden so where does the question of marriage between blood relatives arise?

What does one achieve by projecting such falsehood to the outside world? Providing untrue info about probably one of the worlds oldest cultures, on a govt. maintained website only speaks volumes about the callous attitude of the people in power towards its people..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday i.e. the 15th of April 2008, a leading Hindi daily of Chattisgarh, छत्तीसगढ़" carried a news item whose headlines read' थोक में आधा दर्जन' and no the writer was not referring to some

vegetable or fruits but to six children

born to a lady,Sunila Devi in Bihar.

What is shameful is ,this was the same

newspaper that lunged at Mr.Ajay Chandrakar when he made the offending

statement regarding children not being produced by the Govt. How different is this

headline from Mr.Chandarakar's comment?

It is said that childbirth is a second life for a woman.In the writers enthusiasm to

popularise the news item of a lady giving birth to six girls at one time, the very

essence of motherhood has been mocked at by publishing such an offending

headline.What does the writer mean by saying that the lady has given birth

'थोक में'? Is this the phrase to be used while referring to babies, who are yet to

understand the ways of this wicked world?

Now ,whom do we demand an apology from?Why is it so difficult to value

another humans sentiment? At the cost of selling hot stories, the humane side of

the media seems to be lost.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Read through this to know what incorrect things people have to say about the

life and people of Bastar....

'The Gonds tribals of Bastar have their own 'Ghotul' system in which the un

married young mature boys and girls live together in seperately made huts and

copulate.During this time they enjoy themselves by participating in dancing ,

music , local story telling etc in a drunken mood. Inspite of these they gets

knowledge of different social activities.The members can get out of the ghotuls

to marry.This Ghotul system is mostly found among the Muria Gonds tribes and

the origin of this system is related with their goddess 'Lingopan'. '

This is an excerpt from the 'official' website of Bastar It gives

a totally false picture of the centuries old social institution of 'Ghotul". Why do

people fail to realise that the Ghotul was a social institution where the young

learnt about their cultures and traditions and not just a system that allowed

free 'sexual relations' as the author of the website claims...

'Youngsters interacting in a drunken mood'....does it mean that drinking was a

prerequisite to interact in the Ghotul??? Another blaring mistake is the mention

of Lingopen as a Godess....Lingopen is a GOD of dance and music and the

presiding diety of the Ghotul.

Further the website also mentions that the Madias drink like animals from the

water.....Is this the picture being given to outsiders to promote tourism??

Time to wake up and do the cleaning act..Of wrong thoughts and of course the


I think members of the community should demand an apology..for publishing

demeaning remarks and incorrect information ,thus hurting the sentiments of

the community involved